PAST EVENT | “Rising from the Ashes; Leading Through Adversity”

February 2015

Featured Presenter:  Matt Davis, CEO, Armor Express

“Outstanding and inspiring presentation”…”Amazing!”…”Fantastic speaker!”…”Excellent job Matt!!!”…”Phenomenal story and application of these topic principles into a real life scenario”…“Wow!
– Participant Comments


“The Phoenix was not born out of the ashes -the Phoenix was born out of the fire.”  -Matt Davis

rsz_matt_davis_icontact-bw0t2376Matt Davis, our featured presenter shared numerous examples of the “fire” that led to both the birth and then the demise of his father’s company Second Chance Body Armor and then later fueled the rebirth of his own company Armor Express.  The audience heard one compelling story after another including how the idea to create the company’s main product, concealable body armor, was birthed from a shooting incident his father experienced when delivering pizza years prior.

Matt inspired the audience as he shared the company’s relentless commitment to live out their values of integrity, quality and customer service in the face of numerous obstacles during their rebuilding process. He also shared how Armor Express is using some of the lean principles in our featured book to continue to strengthen and grow the company.

What was one of Matt’s biggest motivators to continue to move forward “against all odds?”  His dedication and belief in their mission of saving the lives of those that put themselves in harms way to protect us.  He ended his presentation with a couple compelling videos that illustrated not only their unique marketing strategy, but also put a very personal face on the impact of their mission.