PAST EVENT | “Everyday Innovation – Uncommon Success”

Date: November 2014

Michael De Bruyn head shot. Featured Presenter: Michael De Bruyn

“I love the local examples of success stories that relate to the topics and how we can apply to our organization!”…” Great opportunities to hear from peers about the real world leadership challenges – solutions.”… “These Calvin Grads are awesome!” – Participant Comments

When Great Lakes Stainless received the wrong shipment of materials they needed to fulfill a major order with a tight deadline, it could have been a disaster.  Instead, President Michael DeBruyn tapped the creative energy of a key employee and helped turn the mistake into an opportunity that would give the company a unique competitive edge.  Producing an innovative solution from an unexpected success or failure was just one of the 7 drivers of innovation that Michael helped illustrate to attendees using his own experience. Our thanks to Michael DeBruyn for inspiring us to create a culture of innovation and for showing us how to turn problems and challenges into opportunities.

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More About Michael De Bruyn

Michael De Bruyn is President of Great Lakes Stainless, Inc and Interline Casework. Michael became President in August of 2013 after heading the Business Development area and serving as Vice President since joining the company in 2006. Founded in 1995 by the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce distinguished service award winner Terry Berden, Great Lakes Stainless has achieved tremendous growth through day-to-day operational innovation that EVERY organization, large or small, profit or non-profit, should be focused on. This focus on innovation is one of the reasons Great Lakes Stainless has received some impressive recognition including the “Small Business of the Year” award by the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce in 2010. They were also named to the 2011 class of “Top 50 Companies to Watch” by the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Through his leadership roles, Michael has been committed to building on the bedrock values that have led to the success of the Great Lakes Stainless family of companies: honesty, hard work and a genuine commitment to creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Michael is a graduate of Calvin College where his focus on science and math helped paved the way toward developing an innovative mindset.