PAST EVENT | “Raise Your Brand”

March 14, 2014

Presenter Paul Britten, President Britten Banners
Featured Book: A Clear Eye for Branding by Tom Asacker

Paul Britten presented a key concept on branding to a sold out crowd at our March meeting, by doing what he does best: he painted a sign. As the upbeat song “Happy” rocked the room and the audience clapped along, Paul painted the word “Feelings” underneath the words “It’s All About…”  Using numerous stories from his own career, he illustrated that brand is mainly determined by how people feel about themselves when they interact with an organization – it’s not about us.

More About Paul Britten
When we asked Paul Britten what he would like us to put on our website about him as our featured speaker, we received this simple statement…”Paul Britten is an architect turned sign painter. He owns Britten Banners in Traverse City, MI.”

More About A Clear Eye for Branding by Tom Asacker
Tom Asacker takes the mystery out of branding with his easy-to-access book, A Clear Eye for Branding. Tapping into his years of experience as a business executive, partner, and owner, he presents branding in its simplest form. Using a conversational style that looks at how customers have changed the way branding works, Asacker also shows why businesses and organizations must change with their customers in order to stay in the game. Asacker presents branding in a way that will help renew your energy and put everyone in your organization on the same path to supporting your brand.