Leadership is a Journey – May 2013

We want to thank Gloria, Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore for sharing her leadership journey with LLC attendees and also giving us a personal glimpse into the life of our featured author, 98 year old Frances Hesselbein, author of our featured book for May. Frances is still going strong and encouraging other leaders, including Gloria.

Early in her talk, Gloria shared a brief inspiring video of Hesselbein speaking to a group of West Point cadets and it was obvious the respect those young men offered the woman who has been deemed the best manager in the world by Peter Drucker. Gloria also shared some of her personal experiences in the for profit sector and illustrated how Hesselbein’s preference to use a circular management system was consistent with what Gloria found worked in her experience in the automotive industry as well. Gloria also talked about how she has been working on changing the culture in her current role as leader of her Girl Scout Council and mentioned some of the successful change strategies she was using.