PAST EVENT |”Life is Not a Spreadsheet”

June 2014

Featured Presenter:
Bill Montgomery – Author, Retired Oil Executive & Consultant

Wow!…”This is one of the most meaningful stories I have heard”… “Very inspiring”……” I so enjoyed the total experience. So much food for thought!”…”Incredible story! Quite impressive”“Fabulous series. Bill was a great speaker

Event Recap:
From the moment Bill Montgomery started speaking, you could feel how powerfully his words were affecting everyone in the room.  Bill shared the story of how he and his two best Harvard business grad friends, JoG and Issy, had made plans to “make it” in their lives and then later in life, have the chance to give back.  We listened intently as Bill shared how the three became life-long friends and how their lives had taken some unexpected twists and turns.  Bill challenged the audience not to separate the goals of achievement and financial reward from the desire to give back in a deeper way to family and community. Instead, he encouraged all of us to find ways to integrate the two into the choices we are making every day.

More About Bill Montgomery:
Bill Montgomery graduated from the University of Michigan with an honors degree in Economics and earned his MBA from Harvard University. He began his management career with Bell & Howell Company in Chicago, quickly rising to a corporate Vice President. He enjoyed a long career working in several facets of the oil and gas industry, first with Global Marine and subsequently as a leader of consulting organizations Gaffney, Cline and the Sterling Consulting Group. His work focused on exploration and production segment performance evaluation, strategic direction and project evaluation.

Bill has volunteered in several capacities including serving as the long time Chairman of the Union Station ministry to the homeless of Pasadena, CA. He was also the Vice Chairman of the Parkland Hospital Foundation in Dallas, TX. Bill currently serves on the board of the Munson Foundation and has been enthusiastically involved in their efforts to raise money to build the Cowell Family Cancer Center here in Traverse City. He and his wife Anne live in Traverse City, Michigan where they are avid volunteers, readers and travelers. They often visit their children and grand children in Texas and New Hampshire.

Bill is the author of Prayer for Time, which he recently published, a personal memoir focusing on turning points in Bill Montgomery’s life and especially his reaction to a recent cancer diagnosis.