PAST EVENT | “Leading Your Team To Sustainable Success”

January 2014

Featured Presenter: David Moore, President Village Press
Featured Book: Predictable Success by Les McKeown

We had a great turnout at our January meeting, where participants learned about the seven organizational life-cycle stages of Predictable Success from Dave Moore, President of Village Press. Dave shared helpful illustrations of how he and his company have moved through many of those stages toward or away from “predictable success,” and explained the importance of maintaining a successful balance between process and entrepreneurial creativity. His story inspired participants by showing how the success of Village Press is providing jobs and business to other area businesses.


More About David Moore, President Village Press:
Since Dave Moore has taken the helm as company president, Village Press has experienced tremendous growth and a dramatic increase in the number and diversity of the clients it serves. In 1999, Dave was recruited by Bob Goff, Village Press’s founder, to create a succession partnership to keep Village Press and its jobs in Traverse City. Company sales doubled in a few short years. Village Press also grew its client base from a handful of foodservice clients generated from its historical relationship with Chef Pierre to many others including major brands such as Tyson, Smuckers, and Unilever. Dave’s business savvy and leadership skills also helped Village Press earn a nationwide reputation for the best-in-class performance in foodservice marketing. In 1999, Village Press had one client for whom they provided custom publishing services, and now has over two dozen. A quote from the company website gives some insight into Dave’s success formula “We succeed by failing small and learning fast. Businesses call it “test marketing”; we call it “Tuesday.”

Prior to joining Village Press, Dave served as Sr. VP for Quebecor Printing, Inc., with marketing, sales and P&L responsibilities for seven magazine printing facilities. A graduate of WMU’s Printing & Paper Science program, Dave sold advertising at the Western Herald while attending WMU, and obtained his MBA at CMU.

Village Press, Inc. is a fulfillment specialist, data manager, direct marketer, viral marketer, consumer and enthusiast magazine publisher, book publisher, and printing company.
More About Predictable Success by Les McKeown:
Many creative, visionary, risk-taking entrepreneurs are great at the start up phase of their business. However, the biggest challenge of every organization – large or small, public or private, for profit or non-profit is to successfully navigate through the various stages of growth and increasing complexity to sustain success. Author Les McKeown provides a framework for diagnosing the stage and behaviors of your organization or department: Not enough process, and organizations begin to fail; too much process, and a company loses its agility and customer focus. McKeown illustrates the principles of “predictable success” which helps organizations avoid spiraling into a “rut” or a “death rattle.”