January 2013 Event

Our first Leadership Lunch Club Meeting of 2013 was a mind opening experience for attendees. Through our featured book review from Blue Ocean Strategy and examples from our featured speaker, we gained a better understanding of the concepts of head-to-head “red ocean” competitive strategies compared to the the advantages of creating “blue oceans” of uncontested market space.  Our speaker, Tim Nelson, President of Northwestern Michigan College, shared with us how he brought together a team of innovative thinkers, and sent them out on the mission to discover the new direction that NMC would need to take in order to keep pace with ever changing trends in current markets and create opportunities for new markets.  He used NMC as an example of how organizations need to be open to paradigm-shifting ideas that can help them respond to changing economic and market conditions and create a competitive advantage.  These innovative ideas can also help ensure sustainability and create a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Discovering “Blue Oceans” often will take a group of big thinkers.  Therefore the Leadership Lunch Club encourages attendees to study and discuss what they’ve learned with other team members to discover the next concept that will create growth in the Traverse City area and the world.  This may even involve teaming with members of other organizations. View the gallery of the January event here, and register for the February Event “Power of Partnering” and start the journey to create your own “Blue Ocean.”