February 2013 Event

If you’ve never experienced “The Power of We” as author Jonathan Tisch refers to the impact of strategic partnerships, our bet is that you’ll be motivated to put this powerful leadership principle into practice a result of attending our February Leadership Lunch Club meeting!

Our thanks go out to our panel of speakers Chris MacInnes, Renee Hintz,  and Leah Bagdon-MacCullum who provided some great examples and inspiration related to the importance and benefit of strategic partnering state-wide, regionally and in our own organizations.  We heard some compelling stories of how Crystal MountainMichigan Legacy Art Park and Goodwill Industries have partnered with employees, customers, government, competitors, and each other, to help strengthen their organizations, energize their mission and leverage valuable resources.

Successful partnering is based on the belief that there is enough to go around for everyone and that by working together and sharing resources, we end up with more, not less.  We hope you all have been challenged to think of how you can more effectively incorporate this principle into your organization, so together, we can create a stronger community for everyone.