2013 November Event – “Beyond a Handshake: The Art of Negotiation”

Participants were buzzing at the close of our November meeting with tidbits from some of the fascinating stories Jack Segal shared as he guided attendees through the principles in our featured book   “Getting to Yes, Negotiating Agreement without Giving In.” Members were treated to an inside look at negotiations that involved some of the most complex issues and important political figures of our time. (including some great photos of some of Jack’s “clients”).  During the Q & A period, Jack Segal’s wife Karen, also a negotiator, told an impromptu story illustrating the importance of personal connection in negotiation.  She shared how listening together to a touching Russian music piece, “Moscow Nights,” created a heart-felt, shared experience between Reagan and Gorbachev that left them both in tears.  While most of us would like to be great negotiators and get the best deal, we also want to maintain our relationships with the other party. Jack Segal delivered an abundance of examples as to how we can do just that.


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